360 Collision Centres Community Support Commitment: If you have a vehicle you depend on that needs repair now, 360 Collision Centres services the entire Lower Mainland. We have our own flat deck tow company to pick up & drop off so you never have to leave the house to get your repairs started.

Welcome to 360 Collision Centres.

360 Collision Centres provides the highest quality autobody repair and we are committed to ensuring your repair experience is unparalleled.

We are one of British Columbia’s most highly certified manufacturer certified shops! As an ICBC c.a.r.shop VALET certified shop we can deal directly with ICBC on your behalf. We offer a one-stop express repair.

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We work with all private insurers (Economical, BCAA, Belair and others), ensuring you can get on your way quickly, with your repair done right!

We are the only autobody shop in British Columbia to offer free pick up and drop off service at your location of choice! We understand getting in an accident is stressful and time-consuming – and with our best-in-class towing company we will pick-up your vehicle wherever it is convenient for you, your home, at your job, at the gym or at the soccer field and drop off your rental or loaner vehicle. When your repair is done, our customer service technician will drop-off your repaired and detailed vehicle to the location of your choice, and we’ll even wash it on the spot if it gets dirty in transport! 

The 360 Group is proud to present the Wings & Wheels drive-thru event on Aug 15-16 at Tradex. 120,000 sq. ft of some of the best vintage, hot rod, muscle & exotic vehicles in BC on display, as well as vintage emergency service vehicles, trucks and military vehicles. Also some spectacular antique and vintage airplanes! The event is also being supported by the Greater Vancouver Food Truck Festival.

This great family event is on sale now – get your tickets at FVTradex.com for $20 per carload!

Event producer 360 Fabrication is looking for interesting vintage, antique, hot rod or muscle cars to be a part of the event. Entry is $20 per vehicle with all money going to the Crystal Gala. Each vehicle entry receives a limited edition commemorative t-shirt. Submit your vehicle at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/wings-and-wheels-in-support-of-the-crystal-gala-registration-113406325372

All proceeds will be donated to the Crystal Gala Foundation for breast cancer.

·      Collision Repair

·      Fender Repair

·      Bumper Repair

·      Dent Removal


·      Hail Damage Repair

·      Aluminum Repair

·      Windshield Repair

·      Auto Painting

We are one of the most highly recognized autobody shops in British Columbia. Our Manufacturer certifications include:

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